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Calliope Medical Centre aims to bring your health care closer to your home.


The Calliope Medical Centre is proudly part of Ausdocs Holding Group.

The Centre is established as a branch of the Gladstone GP Superclinic.  The GP Superclinic was established to bring a wide range of services under the one roof.  On many occasions, however, the more common services can be best provided closer to home.

Calliope Medical Centre and the Gladstone GP Superclinic work in close cooperation for you to get the best of both worlds.  You will have only the one medical record. Meaning whether you are in town or near home, your complete medical record is accessible to your doctor.

That means that your record will be accessible even on weekends!
We have included the latest communications technology into the clinic.  This means that you may have access to your usual doctor, when you just need a script, or need to revise a plan.  There is no need to make the repeated trek into town for the simplest medical need.  You will have access to your local pharmacy and the pathology collection point just next door.

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