Urgent & short notice appointments:  A certain number of appointments are reserved for each Doctor on a daily basis.  Please ring as soon as possible after 7.00am in the morning to access these appointments.

If you feel the appointment is URGENT, please advise reception staff of your symptoms, so your matter can be prioritized if required.

There is a high demand for GP’s at the Calliope Medical Centre so every Doctor is busy.  Please be fair to other patients.  Please consider carefully exactly what you need to see the Doctor about.

You must tell us if any of the following apply to you and the staff will allocate the appropriate length of time for the consultation:

  • More than 2 matters to be discussed with the doctor
  • Other family members to be seen at the same time
  • Health Assessments and Care Plans
  • Medical – Insurance, Pre-Employment, Centrelink, Drivers Licence
  • Pap Smear or any other medical procedure
  • Counselling

Standard or Routine Consultations:  An appointment for routine/non-urgent matters may not be available some days.  Keep track of your medications and scripts and ring for an appointment a week or more in advance.

Walk-ins: Our practice operates an appointment system. In the event of a walk-in patient, reception will triage patient needs. After triage they will offer an appointment as required; offer to add fit patient (informed may be a wait) offer next available appointment or put on waiting list.

To Avoid Delays:  Ring ahead to check how the Dr is running for time.  If there are delays the receptionist can advise you of a later time to arrive to avoid long waits.

Procedural Appointment: For health and safety reasons children are not to be present for procedural appointments. Please make other arrangements for your children if you require a procedure.


If you have changed your address, phone number or medicare card, it is important to let us know.  We may need to contact you urgently. 

If you are not happy with the way you have been treated at this practice or you feel you can suggest areas of improvement please tell us.  Your opinion is very important to us.

Hospital, Home, Nursing Home Visits

Hospital Care is available for regular patients of our practice at Gladstone Mater who are privately insured.  At times it will be another Doctor offering this care to the one you regularly see as not all our doctors do hospital visits.

Nursing Home care of Nursing Home patients is available by arrangement.

Home Visits are available to patients who for reasons of severe mobility limitation cannot attend the surgery for example, very elderly or terminally ill patients.

After Hours

In the case of an emergency, please call 000.

If you have an enquiry please call 13 Health or 1343 2584.

If you have an enquiry please contact the doctor via GP Superclinic by calling on 0418 871 931.

Please note the cost of an out of hours visit could be up to $300.


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